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Three Roll Chocolate Refiner


Three roll and five roll refiners are widely used in chocolate manufacturing process. The objective of this refiner is to break down the sugar and cocoa to smaller particles. The rolls may be made either of granite or of polished chilled cast iron. Chilled cast iron rolls have the advantage that they can be kept cool by having water flowing through them.

The speed ratio has to be maintained in such a way that the mill yields satisfactory output. The rolls in contact run at different speeds. The chocolate always clings to the roll which is revolving with the greater velocity, and is delivered from the rolls either as a curtain of chocolate or as a spray of chocolate powder.

It is very striking to see the soft chocolate-colored dough become, after merely passing between the rolls, a dry powder-the explanation is that the sugar having been more finely crushed now requires a greater quantity of coco butter to lubricate it before the mixture can again become plastic.

The crushing of chocolate ingredients between the three grinding rolls makes possible to use crystal sugar instead of powder sugar. In this way it is possible to eliminate the humidity in chocolate. It is possible to get high degrees of fineness without causing damage to the product due to the overheating which is typical of other types of refining processes. We can obtain very fine output as low as 25 microns.

The area of contact between the three rolls is very limited and 50% of the surface of the rolls is used as a cooling area. The results obtainable with the use of the 3roll refiner, in particular, the fineness, flavor and technological characteristics of the finished product, cannot be reproduced with other types of systems.

We have models starting from 6X12 up to 16X42

Design Highlights

We have the basic Mechanical Roll Gap Adjustment Model and the Hydraulic version wherein the roll gap is adjusted using Hydraulic Power Pack.

Apart from the above models our latest introduction is the Dyno-Bar Series wherein the roll gap is adjusted using a PLC system complete with pressure sensors and solenoid valves.

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